Assistance and Bereaved

How you can assist those who are bereaved.

‘People grieve deeply because they have loved deeply’

  • Be sensitive to the need for privacy or quiet personal time,some people may struggle to participate in conversation.
  • Try to be at ease with silence.
  • Tears are a part of grieving process and are not to be discouraged.
  • Be patient – It takes time,sometimes years,for grief to substantially subside.
  • When the bereaved person is speaking, give them your attention and understanding.
  • Listen and allow them to say what they need to say – be a good listener.

It is alright to speak about the person who has passed way.

Reminiscing and speaking about a special time or memory helps to alleviate moments of grief or anxiety.

  • Avoid clichés, such as ‘You will be alright’ or ‘At least you have your family’ – this can feel meaningless at such a difficult time.
  • Practical support can be a wonderful gesture. Preparing a meal,shopping,collecting children from school or activities.
  • Remembering an important date,time or anniversary can be of great comfort and reassurance.

We are all different and we grieve in different ways